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Resume tips for freshers

You should keep your Contact details (Mobile number and Email ID) on top of your Resume. Employer may contact you at any time. Don’t copy the career objective from the Resume Templates/formats. Try to modify with your individual interests and goals. Resume should contain all your Education details as well as extracurricular activities in your…

5 Interview Preparation Tips for Engineering Freshers

The next big thing after you finish your engineering education is landing your first job. Every pupil who has put in their efforts in getting the best of their years at an engineering college would want to be hired by a company that they really adore. However, the nervousness about facing an interviewcan’t be denied.…

Handy Tips for Freshers

Quickly Jump Out Across Sections 1. Sort and clear 2. Qualifications 3. Don’t hide facts 4. Prioritize Skills 5. Use Keywords 6. Use Bullets 7. Proofread 8. Highlight the required skills 9. Innovative and unique 10. Follow format 11. Use a professional resume builder 1. Sort and clear Firstly, try to keep your objective for…

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